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Hello! Welcome to @home on this blog you learn a little bit about me, a perky young woman (more in profile), and my life. How to love, live, and laugh and enjoy being @home! Hope you like it! If you have any questions e-mail me at julesf01@ymail.com or leave a comment. Make sure to check out my polyvore page @ http://littlemissjules.polyvore.com/
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Friday, August 12, 2011

All things "IN" updates! "TOMS"

              Hello this is Jules welcome to @home! I have another all things," IN" update for you! Shoes, you know almost everyone wears them, so why not wear TOMS! Toms are the hot new shoes that A BUNCH of people are now wearing! I like them, and i am sure if you get them you will too! Toms are really cool shoes and you can look and shop at their web-site http://Toms.com. they have Toms for ALL ages new born children , young children , older children, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and adults!! They have EVERYTHING! I am sure you will find the perfect pair for you!  Thanks enjoy the video!
-Jules                                                              Here it is thanks!
p.s. make sure to check out the rest of my YouTube videos at http://Youtube.com/01bluedot.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All things "IN" updates!

           Hello welcome to @home! This is a video I just made on YouTube! I love these stick on nails and when you try them you will too. These are easy, fun, cute, and super stylish! I thought of this idea when i was reading an article on http://thebeautydepartment.com/  ,this is a really cool web-sight! Now please enjoy this video that i made on YouTube. Thanks
                                                      Heres my video! Thanks so much!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Birthday girl interview

           Hello and welcome to @home. I have a party coming up and I wanted to get her the perfect present! My friends name is Kathryn and these are the questions i asked her. This is the birthday girl interview Q. = question A. = answer
Q1. Fav color
A1. green
Q2. Fav animal
A2. Zebra
Q3. Fav food
 A3. pizza and ice-cream
Q4. Fav Movie
A4. Cowboys and Aliens
Q5. Skirts, shorts, or pants
A5. Shorts and pants
Q6. Roses or Daisies
A6. Roses 
Q7. Vanilla or chocolate 
A7. Chocolate 
Q8. Fav book 
A8. Run away Twin
Q9. Painting or Drawing
A9. Painting or drawing 
Q10. Fish or sharks
A10. Sharks 
Q11. Ham or Turkey
A11. Turkey
Q12. Soccer or baseball
A12. Baseball
 Thanks for checking out what's new at @home! Bye! p.s. A happy before b day to Kathryn!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making your own blog

          Hello and welcome to @home! Today I will be talking a little bit about making your own blog. It's lots of fun. Making your own blog takes  a great deal of dedication, hard work, and responsibility. I am only 10 so i don't know a heck lot about making your own blog but i know this. =}
  • the first step to having a great blog is advertising, you have to do this is you want  good amount of views on your blog.  ;&
  • If you are not posting a whole lot [which i haven't been doing"shame on me"] you wont get as many viewers [which i have learned] ;\
  • Making a blog is fun, but also a lot of hard work, so let me tell you this, if you are sitting on your couch watching a show you have seen over and over get or your butt and make a post. =)
  • Posting pictures, most people don't like to read word after word after word so post a few pictures every once and a while. 8-)
  • Change it around, Changing your blog every month or so grabs the attention of your viewer, people never like seeing the same old thing day after day! =\
  • Stats and what they are, Stats are very important, they help you keep track of how many viewers you get on you blog, single views are called page views. =)
  • The cool thing about BLOGGING is that if you get 1000 page views a day you get to open advertisements on your blog and people will pay you to advertise on your blog.  :]
So those where some tips from Jules, if you have anymore questions please ask.
Thanks for reading my blog
-Jules p.s. I have a YouTube account that you can check out  ;-)
my YouTube name is 01bluedot Thanks again bye!