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Hello! Welcome to @home on this blog you learn a little bit about me, a perky young woman (more in profile), and my life. How to love, live, and laugh and enjoy being @home! Hope you like it! If you have any questions e-mail me at julesf01@ymail.com or leave a comment. Make sure to check out my polyvore page @ http://littlemissjules.polyvore.com/
Thanks for coming to @home!
-Jules :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

S'mores, bark, and other deserts!

Hello and welcome to @home! I am happy because we have a lot of different types of desert! Like....

S'mores, ingredients-gram cracker, chocolate, and marshmallows! I have a tutorial to make s'mores. here is the link (go to the word that says "link")

Bark, Ingredients- melted chocolate, sprinkles, candy canes, and other toppings. My moms blog has a tutorial, here is the link.   (go to the word that says "link")

Thanks! **this has been a part of the Jules's post-a-thon!** -Jules

Our own Harry Potter Marathon!

hello and welcome to @home! My family and I LOVE Harry Potter, the movies, books, and we also have a shelf FULL of Harry Potter props! So, we are having a Harry Potter Marathon! We watch one movie a night, maybe two tonight. So far we have watched, The Sorcerer's Stone, and The Chamber Of Secrets. Tonight we will watch movie 3 and maybe movie 4. I can't wait! Do you ever have any family movie nights? Leave a comment telling me all about it! Thanks! **this has been a part of the Jules's post-a-thon!**

Pop the top

Hello and welcome to @home! I've heard some pretty crazy things people are going to do when the clock strikes 12:00! Including, fireworks, dynamite, little pop it's, cap guns, banging pots, and SCREAMING! What are you going to do? Leave a comment saying what you are going to do! I am going to bang pots and scream, my brother is going to shoot a cap gun, my mom is going to find some type of loud instrument, and my dad..... He will snore! Yay! **this has been a part of Jules's post-a-thon!** -Jules ❤❤❤❤

MY TOOTH CAME OUT/ yummy lunch!

hello and welcome to @home. I am super happy because my tooth FINALLY came out!!! I am relieved because not only did it come out, the pain from the root is gone too! WOOHOO! There is now a huge gap, and it feels, tastes, and looks nasty!  Another up side to today is me and my family are going to the Crab Shack! The Crab Shack is a beach view restaurant with the BEST crab in the world!!! Can't wait!!! I will give you a picture of what it looks like at the bottom! Thanks! **This has been a part of the Jules's Post-a-thon** --Jules

First post of the new years eve!

Hello and welcome to @home! I told you yesterday about my post-a-thon. This is it! If you do not know what I am talking about, look at the post just below this one, explaining it all. My followers know what to do on this very exciting day, New Years Eve! This is my first post of the post-a-thon. I will post more, I'm sure of it! For the first post of my post-a-thon I am going to share one of my New Years resolutions! It is getting way more viewers on my blog than I have now, hopefully YOU can help me with that! Special job my followers! Thanks and a Happy New Year. Thanks!!!!!! **this has been a part of Jules's post-a-thon!** -Jules ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Friday, December 30, 2011

The almost new year post.

Hello and welcome to @home. I am going to have a post-a-thon, a post-a-thon is the only event that I post more than two posts a day-night. I have a special job for my followers that I will tell you later in the post. The posts will be like updates. This will take place on new years eve through the new year. Yes, I will do this next year and the year after that too.  I will try and make it a new tradition. I would love it if you followed along and checked my blog every so often on new years eve. Although the thing I really want you to do is leave a comment of your new years goal.Here is a special job for my followers. (if you want to join this special task you have to be a follower,  don't worry it doesn't cost anything. If you are not a follower, you can do so.) All you have to do is leave a comment every so often, about every hour or two. If you do not want to do this leave a comment saying you don't, if you do leave a comment and sign up. Thanks
-Jules p.s. none of this costs anything!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello and welcome to @home! I am super duper pooper scooper happy! Want to know why?! It's because I got 3000 views!!!!! Isn't that awesome! I want to thank you so much, all of my epic viewers! THANKS!!!!! Haha, I appreciate all the help that you have been giving me soooo much support these two last years! This is a huge accomplishment for me! Thanks again! To show you how happy I am, going to show you a song that makes me even happier! I made the video myself on a computer system called  IMovie! (not the song)  I love that system! I will tell you more about it another time! Hope you like it. 
-Jules <3 <3  

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas

hello and welcome to @home! I am going to talk to you about my Christmas. I had a wonderful Xmas! It was a blast, we started new traditions like going to my grandma's house and playing boulder-dash (a board game) after we eat. I got to spend time with my friends, we had a holiday party at my school. I  spent time with my family too. I enjoyed the time that I spent with my family, because we had so much fun together. A shout out to my family,"Thanks for making this Xmas ROCK!" We all had great laughs and smiled a lot. My Xmas presents were soooo awesome! I didn't get one thing I dis-liked! The present I like the most is probably the electric scooter, it's blue, gray, black, and it has a hint of gold. It goes 10mph which doesn't sound like a lot, but really.... It is. IT has handle breaks and it's awesome! How was your Xmas? Leave a comment telling me all about it! Here is a picture of my bro and I, I am on my scooter and he is waiting for a turn. (he has his own, but his still needed charging.) Thanks
-Jules <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

One of my xmas presents.

Hello and welcome to @home! I am super happy because I got some really awesome Christmas presents!!!! I made a cool video about it and posted it to YouTube on my channel, at 01bluedot. YouTube.com/01bluedot. Okay, I hope you like the video. Okay... here it is ;D If you would like to tell me what you got you can leave a comment. Thanks.

                      This is the video! Thanks

Sunday, December 25, 2011

My mommy's blog/Merry Chistmas!

Hello and welcome to @home! It is Xmas day, well.... night. Ha ha. This is a Xmas present for my mom. :D I want to help my mom with her new years goal. Her goal, as well as mine, is to get more viewers on her AMAZING blog.  I really hope you help. I would really be thankful if you did, and I bet she would too. Here is her blog adress, http://wonderdept.blogspot.com/. PLEASE go to it. She has amazing do it yourselves, and also many more fun family activities everyone will love! Here is a picture of my holiday chimney! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
-Jules Merry Christmas! <3   p.s. I will have a video on www.YouTube.com/01bluedot, about the things i got for xmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011


Happy Christmas eve eve everyone! Scince I wouldn't like to post on my family Christmas eve and Christmas day, I am posting now. I hope you get what you would like on you list and spend quality time with your family and friends. Here are some rules, and quotes and such to get YOU in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!
1. Even if you dis-like the present smile and say Thanks!
2. Try hand get a gift that you like and would want for the person you are giving it to.
3. Make people smile if they are un-happy or sad or even happy!
4. He helpful and help clean up wrapping paper or what not.
5. Help pass out gifts and help wrap

1. Christmas time is for love, laughter, and fun time to spend with your friends and family.
2. Look at all the children snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads. 3.Christmas tree, oh my beautiful Christmas tree ordiments and tinsel.
4. Wake up! Come see the tree! There is presents under and I KNOW there's some for me!
5. Mommy, I can't get to sleep I am too excited!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas ideas for him and her

Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to be talking a little bit about Xmas gifts for ALL AGES! I will make a list for kids, woman (moms), men (dads).  It will hopefully help you or make it easier for you to do you Christmas shopping. Okay here we go,  (plus I would know, I am a young ten year old girl. teehee.)

  1. Coloring supplies and books-Target
  2. action figures - Puzzle zoo and target
  3. Stuffed toys- Puzzle zoo
  4. Fun kid friendly science experiments- puzzle zoo, target, and kids science shop.
  5. Movies such as Tom and Jerry and many more- Target, Toys R us, and best buy
  6. Clothes- target, walmart, Val Sur.
  7. Sports, Target, Sports shop, Sport Chalet, and Big 5.
  8. Phones-AT&T store, best buy, other phone stores
  9. Camera (toy and real) Best Buy, Target, Toys r us, and staples, 
  10.  Nerf and other play guns- Puzzle zoo, and target.
  1. Coloring supplies and books-Target
  2.  Stuffed toys- Puzzle zoo
  3.  Fun kid friendly science experiments- puzzle zoo, target, and kids science shop.
  4.  Phones-AT&T store, best buy, other phone stores
  5. Camera (toy and real) Best Buy, Target, Toys r us, and staples, 
  6. Movies such as Tom and Jerry and many more- Target, Toys R us, and best buy
  7. Clothes and shoes- target, walmart,  Justice, Macy's, Val Surf, Forever 21, tilly's
  8. and SO MANY MORE!
  9. Sports, Target, Sports shop, Sport Chalet, and Big 5.
  10. Makeup- Target, justice. 
  11. Art- Target,  Online
  1.  Cooking supplies- Target, Bed Bath and Beyond.
  2. Clothes, Target, Val Surf, American eagle, Forever 21, Love culture,  Tilly's other
  3. camera- target, best Buy, Staples
  4. Shutter Fly- Online
  5. Bed, and couch- Target, Bed, Bath, and beyond, Love seat, Sit n' sleep.
  6. Movies, Target,  toys R us, Best buy
  7. Picture frames and other wall decor, Best buy, Bed Bath and beyond, target. 
  8. Art supplies- Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Online
  9. Sewing- Bed Bath and Beyond, Micheal's, Target.
  10. Shoes and slippers- Target, Macy's Val surf, 
  1. Tools- Home depot, Target, Osh, Orchard, Big Five
  2. Guns, and Beebe shooters- Big 5 Sport Chalet, 
  3.  Movies- Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sport Chalet,
  4. Camping- big 5- Sport Chalet, Camping world Target
  5. Hats- sport Chalet, Big 5, Target, Vans store, Tilly's  Target
  6. Gift cards- Varies 
  7. Clothes-Chalet, Big 5, Target, Vans store, Tilly's   
  8.  Garage organizing things- Home depot, Big Five Target
  9. Photograph- Target, Best buy, Staples
  10. Barbecue- Orchard, camping world, Big five, and target
Girl and boy
  1. plush-Target, pet smart  
  2. Squeaky toys- Target, pet smart
  3. Any other fun toys for dog, I suggest Target, and Pet Smart!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to be listing a few funny jokes, I hope you like it! <3

joke 1- Q- Knock Knock A- Who's there? Q- Boo A- boo who? Q-Don't cry

joke 2- Yo mama' Yo mama so dumb she got fired from the m&m factory for throwing away all the W's! Haha

Joke 3- "now class we are going to be singing the ABC's". "A B C D E F G, H I J K L M N O... Q R S T U V W X Y and Z. "class, where is the P?" "In my bladder, teacher!"

Joke 4- Q- Knock Knock A- who's there? Q- Who A- Who Who Q- I never knew you were an owl!!\

Joke 5- Q-Where does Obi-wan Konibi (from Star Wars the movie) shop? A- The DARTH mall.

Those where these weeks jokes! Hopefully I can post more! Bye bye!
-Jules <3

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xmas is almost here

Hello and welcome to @home! Get in the Christmas spirit! If you are not feeling it.... this might help. 1-Santa Claus is coming to town  3- Silent night   2- We wish you a merry christmas 


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The amazing music hunt

 Hello and welcome to @home. I am ten years old as you know, I sit in bead watching the same shows over, and over. I want to get up and DANCE! It's fun for me, I have been dancing almost my whole life, hip hop is my favorite. I love dancing so I am asking you to get me music and post a comment about song YOU like. Maybe I will like them too. Send this to your friends, family, or anyone! GET THE WORD OUT! PLEASE leave a comment here at http://meandhome.blogspot.com.
-Thanks <3 Jules!!!! <3 <3 <3!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Adele :D

Hello, welcome to @home. I am really inspired by Adele, she is a singer. Young and beautiful. I love her singing, it's so spot on and unique. I sing her songs ALL day!! Here are the two songs that  are the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. This is sad, she has something going wrong in her throat and she is unable to sing. :( Sad, right? Anyway on the HAPPY :) side here are her songs. Tell me if you like them. Thanks,

-Jules <3
                                              This is... Someone Like You. A song I like by: Adele

                                          This is.... Rolling In The Deep another song I like by: Adele.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A quicker way to text!

Hello and welcome to @home. Today i am going to tell u a little bit about how to make texting go a whole lot faster. I have been noticing a lot of people r getting fones so i wanted 2 do this post.  K here we go!  WARNING if you do not have a fone do not read this post. It'll b a waste of your time!  Just kidding just kidding you can read this for fun!

Lol = laugh out loud 
ttyl= talk to u later
omg= oh my gosh
gtg= got to go
hw= homework
U= you
mayB= maybe
idk=i don't know
ikr=i know right
T= tea
B= be
C= see or sea
K= okay
txt=text and u could add a ing to the and it would be texting
cuz or cus= because
Sed= said
fone or fones= Phone
Jk= just kidding 
That's all i can think of! Please leave a comment if u think of anymore! Thanks so much! byebye!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little bit about me

My favorite movies
Edward Sizzorhands
The secret Garden
A little princess
Mr.Magoriums Wonder Emporium
Bedtime stories
The great outdoors
Nims Island
Mary Poppins
Tom and Jerry
The sword in the stone
Fred Claus
Tom and Jerry
Land of the lost
The Black Beauty

My Favorite shows
Zeke and Luther
Pair of kings
So random
Wizards of Waverly Place
Dude,what would Happen
Hole in the wall
My wife and kids
Ant Farm
Other...., okay. So if I think of anymore I will post em' okay? Thanks! Bye-Bye


hello and welcome to @home! I have a wonderful surprise for you! These nails are amazing! This post I recommend to girls..... well, because, you see....... okay it's pretty self-explanatory. So here is the video. I hope you like it! p.s. SHE HAS CRAZY LONG NAILS!!!!!!!!!!! Her YouTube page is http://YouTube.com/ilovemylongnails

Okay, Thanks for checking in to see whats new! Thanks

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hello and welcome to @home! Today i am going to give you a spppppoooookkkkkkkyyyyyy picture that is incredibly cute.  Its a picture of my mom's spooky Halloween decorations. She did it herself, all homemade! Tell me what you think.  Happy Halloween to you! I hope you like the picture, thanks.

 Here is the process, of making the bat.

-Spooky Jules signing off.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The duck song

I told you i would be back with more videos, this is from the same YouTube poster, forestfire. Go to their page http://YouTube.com/forestfire and you can find other videos. But let me warn you..... when you listen to this, you cant stop smiling it makes you want to DANCE!  Okay, so series has 3 videos, i will post the other two soon. It is like the honey bear song but funnier and with a duck, not a bear. So here is the video. SOOO CUTE!
If made me laugh like CCCRRRRAAAZZZZYYYY!
Beware of the cuteness!!!!!! lol!
-signing off Jules AKA XOXO p.s. LEAVE MORE COMMENTS! TeeHee just kidding, but really, please leave comments.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The honey bear.

HEY!!!! I AM HERE! Welcome to @home I have been looking at some YouTube videos and I thought I would share this one with you its called honey bear. SOOOOOO CUTE!  I will post more like this within the next few days the cutest series ever! I enjoy this film because it made me laugh and not feel so bad when i put my shoe on the wrong foot. heehee

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Web sites for fun.

      Hello and welcome to @home. I have a quick post for people who are on the computer and have nothing to do. Here are some fun web-sites that you can go to and have some fun, the things to do are never ending the first one is
So, That's all the time and web-sites for today! Thanks so much for checking out whats new!
-Jules aka XOXO

Friday, August 12, 2011

All things "IN" updates! "TOMS"

              Hello this is Jules welcome to @home! I have another all things," IN" update for you! Shoes, you know almost everyone wears them, so why not wear TOMS! Toms are the hot new shoes that A BUNCH of people are now wearing! I like them, and i am sure if you get them you will too! Toms are really cool shoes and you can look and shop at their web-site http://Toms.com. they have Toms for ALL ages new born children , young children , older children, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults and adults!! They have EVERYTHING! I am sure you will find the perfect pair for you!  Thanks enjoy the video!
-Jules                                                              Here it is thanks!
p.s. make sure to check out the rest of my YouTube videos at http://Youtube.com/01bluedot.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

All things "IN" updates!

           Hello welcome to @home! This is a video I just made on YouTube! I love these stick on nails and when you try them you will too. These are easy, fun, cute, and super stylish! I thought of this idea when i was reading an article on http://thebeautydepartment.com/  ,this is a really cool web-sight! Now please enjoy this video that i made on YouTube. Thanks
                                                      Heres my video! Thanks so much!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Birthday girl interview

           Hello and welcome to @home. I have a party coming up and I wanted to get her the perfect present! My friends name is Kathryn and these are the questions i asked her. This is the birthday girl interview Q. = question A. = answer
Q1. Fav color
A1. green
Q2. Fav animal
A2. Zebra
Q3. Fav food
 A3. pizza and ice-cream
Q4. Fav Movie
A4. Cowboys and Aliens
Q5. Skirts, shorts, or pants
A5. Shorts and pants
Q6. Roses or Daisies
A6. Roses 
Q7. Vanilla or chocolate 
A7. Chocolate 
Q8. Fav book 
A8. Run away Twin
Q9. Painting or Drawing
A9. Painting or drawing 
Q10. Fish or sharks
A10. Sharks 
Q11. Ham or Turkey
A11. Turkey
Q12. Soccer or baseball
A12. Baseball
 Thanks for checking out what's new at @home! Bye! p.s. A happy before b day to Kathryn!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making your own blog

          Hello and welcome to @home! Today I will be talking a little bit about making your own blog. It's lots of fun. Making your own blog takes  a great deal of dedication, hard work, and responsibility. I am only 10 so i don't know a heck lot about making your own blog but i know this. =}
  • the first step to having a great blog is advertising, you have to do this is you want  good amount of views on your blog.  ;&
  • If you are not posting a whole lot [which i haven't been doing"shame on me"] you wont get as many viewers [which i have learned] ;\
  • Making a blog is fun, but also a lot of hard work, so let me tell you this, if you are sitting on your couch watching a show you have seen over and over get or your butt and make a post. =)
  • Posting pictures, most people don't like to read word after word after word so post a few pictures every once and a while. 8-)
  • Change it around, Changing your blog every month or so grabs the attention of your viewer, people never like seeing the same old thing day after day! =\
  • Stats and what they are, Stats are very important, they help you keep track of how many viewers you get on you blog, single views are called page views. =)
  • The cool thing about BLOGGING is that if you get 1000 page views a day you get to open advertisements on your blog and people will pay you to advertise on your blog.  :]
So those where some tips from Jules, if you have anymore questions please ask.
Thanks for reading my blog
-Jules p.s. I have a YouTube account that you can check out  ;-)
my YouTube name is 01bluedot Thanks again bye!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fashion post

Hello and welcome to @home. I am going to post about fashion today. This is my NERDY outfit. My hair is tied back into a messy bun and i have......
1- I Have a snoopy shirt from Old navy.
2- The jean shorts are from Target.
3- Green hoop earring that match my shirt from Justice.
4- My dirty( just to let you know, they didn't come dirty.....heehee) wedge heel white shoes from Justice.
5- My glasses are also from Justice.
6- The phone is real and from a AT&T store.......

Thursday, July 14, 2011

;) Pin Trading ;)

          Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to talk a little bit about D land also known as Disneyland. D land has more fun to it then just rides. Now i will give you a few tips.

     Pin Trading part I
Cast members almost always have pins, although some don't.
Pins can sometimes come from different parks. Some pins have a hidden Mickey.

Pin Trading part II
Pin trading can be LOTS of fun.You can start collections.
Pick a collection that is most like you. This means you have fun
and be excited!!!!

Pin Trading part III
Pins are all over!

Pins are all over if you look hard enough, there are cast members
that have some, so you can trade with them. Or you can just walk around
and find people on the D land streets willing to trade.

The End

See, pin trading is a lot of fun! Now enjoy these pictures!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


         Hello and welcome to @home. I cant wait for all the things i am going to do and post about this summer.  Today i have an update on some MORE faces. Try and guess what all of these faces are made out of. Leave a comment if you know what they are.
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
4. ?
   Soon to come are my stories. My teacher gave me an O on my report card for writing. So over the summer i will be writing stories and posting them right here on my blog. Before I go I want to tell you about a super cool  game that's fun and helps the world out a lot. It is a quiz and every question you answer right is ten pieces of rice to a homeless person with no food. These people are from Africa, they have very little food. Here is the link I hope you use it. http://freerice.com Just to let you know, Free Rice is free.-Jules

Friday, June 17, 2011

Time for a face

          Hello and welcome to @home.  I am very sorry but i cant find the picture of the cracker face, but I also have a few other pictures i found of a face in a weird place! Please enjoy the pictures! I still have more pictures for you, just Check in here, in a day or two to find how many funny faces i found in weird places.
Here is a sideways one i found on a walk.

Here is a slanted one I found in the sky on a walk.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Faces in weird places

Hello and welcome to @home, today i am going to send you off in a hunt! This hunt is for
People who want to find faces like on trees or crackers, random places like that! If you find a face in a weird place please leave a comment and I will see if I can Find the same thing. if I do I will post a picture of it! Okay, who ever leaves a comment first will unlock a new post that I will do, a picture of a face on a cracker, a cheese it cracker! Good luck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Music Updates

             Hello and welcome to @home. First of all, I want to say I'm sorry for not posting in a while. I have been so busy with the final push in school, I haven't really had time to post. Although I have been keeping track of all my music. Here are some updates, enjoy!
  This is called Breakthrough By: Lemonade mouth 
B.T.W. (by the way) Dosen't Adam Hicks rap fast! I have
 seen him in Zeke and Luther, a skateboarding show. 
  This is called Somebody by: Lemonade Mouth
This is Not Your Birthday by: Allstar Weekend.
Thanks for coming and checking out what's new.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What breaks my heart

         Hello and welcome to @home. Today I'm going to be talking about the club I started Stop the Talk. What I'm hearing these days has improved a lot since the last time I told you about Stop the Talk. I am really impressed, so I wanted to give a special shout-out to the people who haven't been talking bad about other people and being nice. Thanks for coming and checkin' out whats new Thanks

Monday, May 2, 2011

Book and oral reports

              Hello and welcome to @home. Today I will talk to you about book reports. Lately I have been very proud of my grades on my book reports. Last time i got a 4 and a 4 on my book report and oral report. 4 is the highest grades you can get. My last three book reports were the same. All 4's. The point is I want to tell you a little about how to do a better book report, which takes real dedication. Are you ready?  The first step to  having a good ORAL report is jamming as many facts as you can in, but at the same time make it short. You also need to memorize it, and say it clear and fluently. For the written report you have to get as much info as you can, but don't copy what the book says. Use the book as a guide and put what the book says in your own words. All you have to do for the oral report is go through and transport what your written report says and make it smaller, so its like a summary of your summary of your book report. Okay Thanks for checkin' to see whats new. Thanks
P.s. If you use this method and get a four leave a comment to let me know.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I'm reading now ( A Beautiful Mess)

Hello and welcome to @home. There has been a blog that I have been following that has very creative, fun, crafty, inspiring, and more. I like this blog/store/web-sight because of its one of a kind detail and personality. Its has its own little style to it. Her posts are so funny and they will make you laugh until your side hurts a little. The name of her blog/web-sight/store is http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/ I enjoy this web-sight/store/blog and if you click on the link it will take you to the land of a," Beautiful Mess!" If the creator of a Beautiful Mess is reading, a special shout out to her I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR HEADER!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha okay, that's it for today. Thanks for coming and checkin' out whats new. Signing off

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to School and off of spring break

               Hello and welcome to @home. I haven't been posting a lot lately, I'm sorry. I am back in to school and often busy with home work or book reports. I am working on both right now a book report and all the homework I get. I did really get lucky this year and I got a SUPER nice teacher that doesn't give too much homework and is always super nice about everything. Her name is Ms.S. I have three teachers in the fourth grade Miss.G, Mrs.Sh, and Ms.S. I have Mrs.Sh for spelling, I wish I had her for more her and Ms.S are super nice. I don't have Miss.G for anything hopefully I will get to do something with her soon though. All the teachers in the fourth grade are very nice. Miss.G just came back because she was out and had a sub teacher for quiet a while. I hope you feel better Miss.G! Anyway, I want to say if I don't post to often just wait a few  until I have another post. Thanks

Sunday, April 17, 2011

How can you make a blog ?

         HELLO!! Welcome to @home. I am going to teach you how to make a blog. Okay lets get to the point, in the top right corner of my blog it says," Make your own blog". It will bring you through a step by step process about how to make a blog. Which is easy most of the time and sometimes a little hard.  Anyway you can first make a blog header, which is the portion on the top that says your blog title. Then you can add gadgets such as games, pictures, poll's (polls are a vote) and more.  You can post and do a bunch of other awesome things on it. Just sit back have fun and PLEASE this is a very important rule DON'T COPY ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ELSE'S BLOG! Most of all h fun. Okay if you have anymore questions just leave a comment to ask, thanks.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Viewers of mine :)

         Hello and welcome to @home. Today I want to talk a little bit about my viewers. Today I had a book report. My book report was a little bit about how to make businesses. I passed out my business cards and quite a few people already came to my blog today from my class.  A special THANKS to my very own teacher Ms.S, yes you know who you are ha ha. So please, please leave any comments you want, subscribe, or just look at my posts thank you. (Subscribing does not cost any money :)
-Jules (by the way is my nick-name)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


        Hello and welcome to @home. Today I will tell you a little bit about my passion for music. I LOVE music I sing, listen, play music with my flute, and sometimes even write music. Here are some songs that you may like and memorize them. (don't be embarrassed I memorize A LOT of songs, so if you do memorize songs your not alone) So if you say they are catchy, yes, yes they are. Hahaha.

Tell me if you would like me to post more GREAT songs by leaving a comment thanks

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Web Animals!

                   Hello and Welcome to @home. On this post I will be talking a little bit about  Web Animals. Web animals are these little happy faces or any faces you can make with things like periods, comma's and other things here are a few.
1.  @@
(---------)      This is called ZIP YOUR MOUTH!

2. (@) (@)
\_________/        This is called I am watching you with a BIG smile! Just to tell you NONE of these are perfect.  Now these are fun for when your texting or just playin' on the computer thanks for coming to @home please come again soon!

Monday, April 4, 2011

One fact about me!

                      Hello and welcome to @home. Today I will tell you another fact about me. This time it is........ I LOVE MUSIC! Here are a few of my favorite songs.
1. Who Says, by Selena Gomez
2. 21st Century girl, by Willow Smith
3. Somebody, by Bridgit Mendler
4. All of Victoria Justice's songs
5. All of Taylor Swifts songs
6. I'm not Crazy, by Tiffany Giardina
7. Firework by, Katy Perry
8. Animal, By the band Neon Trees

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The sounds of spring

                 Hello and welcome to @home. On this post I am going to talk a little bit about spring, then I will show you one of my poems about spring. I know that spring is here by my surroundings! Have any of you guys noticed the warm weather and the blooming flowers too? They are some of my many surroundings that give me clues that spring is comin' around the mountain! What is your favorite part of spring? Leave a comment and tell me all about it! Now here is my poem
                             Spring is here, it brings cheer
                             Pretty flowers all around
                             Ready for blooming flowers and fun
                             It is a sign of love and peace
                             Never say spring isn't a happy time
                             Get ready for spring

Even the bugs are smelling the flowers! " Oh this smells so good!"
Did you like it? Look really closely and you can see that it spells spring on its way down.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


         Hello and welcome to @home. Today I want to say a special," HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" To One of my followers Babi Q.  HAPPY BIRTHADAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BABI , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you !
-Jules P.S. leave a comment singing Happy B-Day to Babi Q.  Thanks!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun games on a rainy day!

                      Hello and welcome to @home! Today is a rainy day, I love rainy days! I love rainy days because of all the fun things you get to do on a rainy day. Here are some of the SUPER fun things you can do.
1. Play a board game
2. Make a picture or a painting
3. You can build a train track or a car racing track
4. Make a fashion video or a type of video
5. Do your hair, your friends hair
6. Have a friend(s) over for a ELECTRONIC FREE hang out!
7. Redecorate your room or a friends room or a dogs house if you want!
8. Play your Teck Deck skateboarding game!
9. Rock out on your guitar, drums,  or really.... anything
10. Make clothes, jewelery, even SHOES!
Now, if you have any quetions or other idea's about what you can do on a rainy day just leave a comment  -Jules

Monday, March 21, 2011

What breaks my heart

            Hello and welcome to @home. Lately I have been seeing and hearing the most heart breaking things. I have been seeing and hearing people make fun of the way other people look, or act. When i am trying to have a good time with my friends, have a few laughs, i feel great until when i hear someone behind me say," Isn't that kid weird!". When I hear that I am not having a good time anymore. This breaks my heart to hear people say that about other people. You should treat people like how you want to be treated. I will be doing posts like this 1-2 time a week giving tips and advise on how to stop this from happening! I am also starting a virtual club called," Stop the Talk" I will also post advise and tips about this. you may also post comments telling how you stop people from talking bad about other people! Thanks soooo much for viewing this post. P.S. follow me if you want to learn even MORE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The most beautiful flowers in the WORLD!

        Hello and welcome to @home! This post is all about my mom's wonderful flowers that will be sold on her blogs inspirehappy.blogspot.com or therainbowroad.blogspot.com these are both the blogs that will have or soon have these flowers picture below.(remember this is a REAL BIG sneak peek) if my mom has anymore pictures of the wonderful flowers of her just leave a comment and ask me to show more. =~) p.s. this was the pictures of the VETY FIRST flowers she ever made, the more recent  ones also have pearls are VERY beautiful buttons in the middle! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One fact about me!

Here is a pic of my dog Pixie i got her when i finished kintergarden

Here is a pic of Sirius Black when he was a puppy

I like any dogs!   Even stuffed animal dogs
Here is my dog named Sirius Black like in the harry potter movie and you can prob see why
                Hello and welcome to @home. First of all HAPPY DAY BEFORE ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Second of all here is this weeks update on one fact about me. This week is.... I LOVE DOGS! Okay, Okay I am a serious dog lover I have 3 dogs and NO other pet in the house what so ever. That is the only pet I have grown up with. I have never seen another type of pet in my house or anywhere near me, EVER! Okay lets get to the point, here are my pets. I have one other dog that is a German Shepard and does not like to be in pictures! My pic's are above.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memories, Oh Memories

All the fun makes me tired!
Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to be telling you a little bit about some of my memories. I have many memories and when I make some or experience some i keep them stored away in the memories spot in my brain. This memory takes me WAY back to when i was a little younger, well come on I am only 10! Anyway this is a memory is about....DISNEYLAND!!!! -Jules
Pin trading always fun!

Watching the boat go by! With my bro!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ForeverWebkinzs request!

            Hello and welcome to @home. This time my friend ForeverWebkinzs of the ForeverWebkinzs.blogspot.com, asked me to play one of the video's we made together one day when I went over to her house to hang out for a little bit. I have a funny app on my phone that makes,"  pretty Random farting noises" The video we made is below! ENJOY! -Jules
                You Can see ForeverWebkinzs other cool videos from YouTube, her user name is ForeverWebkinzs.
-01bluedot AKA Jules
-ForeverWebkinzs AKA Forever
-My phone
-My farting app on my phone
-All of ForeverWebkinzs CRAZY amount of Webkinzs
I got credits yes I do I got credits how about you?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One fact about me

                Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to tell you one fact about me. This I will do once every week. So every week I will tell you one more fact about me. This time it is............ I love the sport football, yes i am a girl but I love football. I was on a football team and then I got my trophy and that was the end  of that season. Football is a super fun way to get active and have a good time! This sport is not only for boys. I am a girl and I had a blast! So if you are a girl and you are reading this go on! Go and try football! I bet you will have a good time! When you play football or happen to already be playing you can leave a comment and tell me your favorite position or your favorite part! Or, tell me about your favorite sport. Thanks.
This is a pic of me playing.
I love Football! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ForeverWebkinzs makes me smile!

       Hello and welcome to @home, today i have a special thank you to my BFFE ForeverWebkinzs By the way BFFE means best friends for eternity. On her blog she wrote the most thoughtful thing a friend can ever say! Her blog name is http://ForeverWebkinzs.blogspot.com/ and her YouTube name is ForeverWebkinzs. My name she likes to call me is 01bluedot which is my YouTube name. Now she is soooo nice, she is the best and kindest girl on the planet. She is smart funny and very helpful! This girl is wonderful. Thanks ForeverWebkinzs for writing all those kind things about me in your blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new book!

        Hello and welcome to @home! At school lately i have been thinking. I want to write a book! Before I do i want to see if you like it. This is the first chapter, so far this is all I have. Here it goes.
                                                            Best Friends
Everyone has a best friend. You know, who you share all your secrets and feelings with. I do know how this feels, I have many good friends. Sometimes friends get into fights. How do you handle getting into a fight with your friends?
           How I handle stopping the fight is three simple words," I'm Sorry." "Friends?"  Now if you happen to be reading this and you happen to be in a fight with a friend this is what you have to do.
          So many people can have friends, if you don't this is how you make friends, be yourself. If that does not work and everyone doesn't pay any attention go up to someone and start by saying," Hi."
          By saying," Hi" On my first day of a new school i made so made so many friends. I started by saying hi to one person, then she introduced me to another person and another soon i had so many friends I could not ever count!
          There are always people who make fun of you are call you names, that will happen at every school you go to. That happens to me every day! Don't let it hurt your feeling our make you sad! Just say stuff like
" Thanks!" " yeah I know It's stupid day for me!" " Oh yeah it took me a long time to pick this out!"
                                                                     Next chapter
How did you like it? Leave a comment telling me if you liked it or not! Thanks

Saturday, February 26, 2011

YouTube updates

       Not only foreverwebkinzs.blogspot.com likes YouTube i like it too! If you are wondering what my name on YouTube is it is 01bluedot. So if you want to go on YouTube that is my name to see my videos this video was my first one it is called DIY pencils made by 01bluedot
Thank you

Friday, February 25, 2011

YouTube Video Made by My Best friend for Eternity

           Hello and welcome to @home. But before i start i want to say i am sorry, I haven't been posting for quite a while. I have been busy with 4th grade school work and book reports. Yes I am in fourth grade. Now that the weekend has finally come I have time to post, post, post like crazy! You know my best friend for eternity is behind the wonderful blog Foreverwebkinzs.blogspot.com here we have one of her videos from YouTube by the way her name on YouTube is Foreverwebkins look below to see the video posted by Foreverwebkinzs,"The Name of this video from YouTube was Skelanimal maddness 3"

Friday, February 11, 2011

1 fact about me!

This week my fact is... My favorite BLOGS! I have two favorite blogs and i can tell you a little bit about them today too! Okay the first cool website that i think is cool is Inspirehappy.blogspot.com and the next one is foreverwebkinzs.blogspot.com. Now the inspire happy one is all about being happy. If you are ever down in the dumps this is the place to go! Last but not least the foreverwebkinzs blog is all about
laughing, for friendships, and having the fun like us tween's like to have! Now i know both of the people that are behind these wonderful blogs! The inspire happy one is my mom's blog, and the foreverwebkinzs blog is my BBBBBBBEEEEEESSSSSSSTTTTTT friends blog! You can find Foreverwebkinzs on YouTube also her name is... Foreverwebkinzs! Big shocker hahaha!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nature is Beautiful

        I love nature, exploring, and discovering new things! One of the things i like to do in nature is take pictures and look for flowers! If you love nature and you want to tell me about something you do in nature leave a comment telling me all about it! Now let me tell you a little about the one time my mom was on a walk! She had her camera, she is a wonderful photographer Here is a picture that my mom took that i like to call,"The butt tree!!" Now if you like this photo my mom took you can go to her blog called inspirehappy.blogspot.com that is were she posts all her wonderful pictures!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 fact about me!

Every week i will tell you a 1 thing about myself today it is......... I love every thing sweet! Here are some pictures of what i dream about... SWEET SUGARY GOODNESS!

Sweet Dreams!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DIY smores @home!!!

            I love doing things with my family, one of those things is making smores! Here is a simple fire free smores recipe!! pictures are below!

1. Take 2 gram crackers and place them on a plate

2. take however many marshmallows you want, i like to use 9 and put them on one gram cracker

3. Put the one gram cracker into the microwave for 12 seconds!

4. Take out the one gram cracker and put a chunk of,"Hershey" Chocolate in the middle of the marshmallow

5. put another gram cracker on top of the chocolate!

6. Now pay very close attention to this step follow ever word.... The last step to making a fire free smores is, Get ready.....EAT IT!!!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is who inspired me!

     Are wondering who inspired me to make this blog? It is my mom who's blogs name is inspirehappy.blogspot.com   inpirehappy inspired me! I wanted to be just like her! When i grow up I want to make my blog the most popular blog in the WORLD! But i cant do it without your help! If you tell your friends mom's, dad's, grandpa's, grandma's, uncle's, and aunt's to go on to my blog and leave comments i would love to hear from you! And if you really like my blog u can follow me! One day i will even inspire others!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Style loving

  I am style loving! I love style and after you read this you will too! All fashion designers have a dream of models strutting with their new clothing designs on. And one day i want to experience that too! If you really try hard at something you will accomplish it! If you really try, you will someday live your dream!  I love going out in nature and strutting my own ideas in fashion!

    Here is a little outfit i like to call," On a Winters Day!"
 I got my boots at Target and my belt too!
 I got my skirt at Kohl's and
 my shirt at a store called Justice!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting to know @home!

  Welcome to @home! On this blog you will find some of the latest fashion, crafts A-Z, and hobbies that i do at home! Some of my hobbies are collecting Sock Monkeys, ugly dolls, skellanimals, and other cool things! I am always up to date with the latest fashion! I will post  DIY Crafts! [do it yourself] I will show you how you can feel," At home" wherever you are!