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Sunday, March 6, 2011

One fact about me

                Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to tell you one fact about me. This I will do once every week. So every week I will tell you one more fact about me. This time it is............ I love the sport football, yes i am a girl but I love football. I was on a football team and then I got my trophy and that was the end  of that season. Football is a super fun way to get active and have a good time! This sport is not only for boys. I am a girl and I had a blast! So if you are a girl and you are reading this go on! Go and try football! I bet you will have a good time! When you play football or happen to already be playing you can leave a comment and tell me your favorite position or your favorite part! Or, tell me about your favorite sport. Thanks.
This is a pic of me playing.
I love Football! 

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  1. I love volleyball, swimming, and well lots of sports.


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