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Hello! Welcome to @home on this blog you learn a little bit about me, a perky young woman (more in profile), and my life. How to love, live, and laugh and enjoy being @home! Hope you like it! If you have any questions e-mail me at julesf01@ymail.com or leave a comment. Make sure to check out my polyvore page @ http://littlemissjules.polyvore.com/
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-Jules :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


         Hello and welcome to @home. Today I want to say a special," HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" To One of my followers Babi Q.  HAPPY BIRTHADAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BABI , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to you !
-Jules P.S. leave a comment singing Happy B-Day to Babi Q.  Thanks!!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun games on a rainy day!

                      Hello and welcome to @home! Today is a rainy day, I love rainy days! I love rainy days because of all the fun things you get to do on a rainy day. Here are some of the SUPER fun things you can do.
1. Play a board game
2. Make a picture or a painting
3. You can build a train track or a car racing track
4. Make a fashion video or a type of video
5. Do your hair, your friends hair
6. Have a friend(s) over for a ELECTRONIC FREE hang out!
7. Redecorate your room or a friends room or a dogs house if you want!
8. Play your Teck Deck skateboarding game!
9. Rock out on your guitar, drums,  or really.... anything
10. Make clothes, jewelery, even SHOES!
Now, if you have any quetions or other idea's about what you can do on a rainy day just leave a comment  -Jules

Monday, March 21, 2011

What breaks my heart

            Hello and welcome to @home. Lately I have been seeing and hearing the most heart breaking things. I have been seeing and hearing people make fun of the way other people look, or act. When i am trying to have a good time with my friends, have a few laughs, i feel great until when i hear someone behind me say," Isn't that kid weird!". When I hear that I am not having a good time anymore. This breaks my heart to hear people say that about other people. You should treat people like how you want to be treated. I will be doing posts like this 1-2 time a week giving tips and advise on how to stop this from happening! I am also starting a virtual club called," Stop the Talk" I will also post advise and tips about this. you may also post comments telling how you stop people from talking bad about other people! Thanks soooo much for viewing this post. P.S. follow me if you want to learn even MORE!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The most beautiful flowers in the WORLD!

        Hello and welcome to @home! This post is all about my mom's wonderful flowers that will be sold on her blogs inspirehappy.blogspot.com or therainbowroad.blogspot.com these are both the blogs that will have or soon have these flowers picture below.(remember this is a REAL BIG sneak peek) if my mom has anymore pictures of the wonderful flowers of her just leave a comment and ask me to show more. =~) p.s. this was the pictures of the VETY FIRST flowers she ever made, the more recent  ones also have pearls are VERY beautiful buttons in the middle! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One fact about me!

Here is a pic of my dog Pixie i got her when i finished kintergarden

Here is a pic of Sirius Black when he was a puppy

I like any dogs!   Even stuffed animal dogs
Here is my dog named Sirius Black like in the harry potter movie and you can prob see why
                Hello and welcome to @home. First of all HAPPY DAY BEFORE ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Second of all here is this weeks update on one fact about me. This week is.... I LOVE DOGS! Okay, Okay I am a serious dog lover I have 3 dogs and NO other pet in the house what so ever. That is the only pet I have grown up with. I have never seen another type of pet in my house or anywhere near me, EVER! Okay lets get to the point, here are my pets. I have one other dog that is a German Shepard and does not like to be in pictures! My pic's are above.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Memories, Oh Memories

All the fun makes me tired!
Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to be telling you a little bit about some of my memories. I have many memories and when I make some or experience some i keep them stored away in the memories spot in my brain. This memory takes me WAY back to when i was a little younger, well come on I am only 10! Anyway this is a memory is about....DISNEYLAND!!!! -Jules
Pin trading always fun!

Watching the boat go by! With my bro!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ForeverWebkinzs request!

            Hello and welcome to @home. This time my friend ForeverWebkinzs of the ForeverWebkinzs.blogspot.com, asked me to play one of the video's we made together one day when I went over to her house to hang out for a little bit. I have a funny app on my phone that makes,"  pretty Random farting noises" The video we made is below! ENJOY! -Jules
                You Can see ForeverWebkinzs other cool videos from YouTube, her user name is ForeverWebkinzs.
-01bluedot AKA Jules
-ForeverWebkinzs AKA Forever
-My phone
-My farting app on my phone
-All of ForeverWebkinzs CRAZY amount of Webkinzs
I got credits yes I do I got credits how about you?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One fact about me

                Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am going to tell you one fact about me. This I will do once every week. So every week I will tell you one more fact about me. This time it is............ I love the sport football, yes i am a girl but I love football. I was on a football team and then I got my trophy and that was the end  of that season. Football is a super fun way to get active and have a good time! This sport is not only for boys. I am a girl and I had a blast! So if you are a girl and you are reading this go on! Go and try football! I bet you will have a good time! When you play football or happen to already be playing you can leave a comment and tell me your favorite position or your favorite part! Or, tell me about your favorite sport. Thanks.
This is a pic of me playing.
I love Football! 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ForeverWebkinzs makes me smile!

       Hello and welcome to @home, today i have a special thank you to my BFFE ForeverWebkinzs By the way BFFE means best friends for eternity. On her blog she wrote the most thoughtful thing a friend can ever say! Her blog name is http://ForeverWebkinzs.blogspot.com/ and her YouTube name is ForeverWebkinzs. My name she likes to call me is 01bluedot which is my YouTube name. Now she is soooo nice, she is the best and kindest girl on the planet. She is smart funny and very helpful! This girl is wonderful. Thanks ForeverWebkinzs for writing all those kind things about me in your blog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new book!

        Hello and welcome to @home! At school lately i have been thinking. I want to write a book! Before I do i want to see if you like it. This is the first chapter, so far this is all I have. Here it goes.
                                                            Best Friends
Everyone has a best friend. You know, who you share all your secrets and feelings with. I do know how this feels, I have many good friends. Sometimes friends get into fights. How do you handle getting into a fight with your friends?
           How I handle stopping the fight is three simple words," I'm Sorry." "Friends?"  Now if you happen to be reading this and you happen to be in a fight with a friend this is what you have to do.
          So many people can have friends, if you don't this is how you make friends, be yourself. If that does not work and everyone doesn't pay any attention go up to someone and start by saying," Hi."
          By saying," Hi" On my first day of a new school i made so made so many friends. I started by saying hi to one person, then she introduced me to another person and another soon i had so many friends I could not ever count!
          There are always people who make fun of you are call you names, that will happen at every school you go to. That happens to me every day! Don't let it hurt your feeling our make you sad! Just say stuff like
" Thanks!" " yeah I know It's stupid day for me!" " Oh yeah it took me a long time to pick this out!"
                                                                     Next chapter
How did you like it? Leave a comment telling me if you liked it or not! Thanks