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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new book!

        Hello and welcome to @home! At school lately i have been thinking. I want to write a book! Before I do i want to see if you like it. This is the first chapter, so far this is all I have. Here it goes.
                                                            Best Friends
Everyone has a best friend. You know, who you share all your secrets and feelings with. I do know how this feels, I have many good friends. Sometimes friends get into fights. How do you handle getting into a fight with your friends?
           How I handle stopping the fight is three simple words," I'm Sorry." "Friends?"  Now if you happen to be reading this and you happen to be in a fight with a friend this is what you have to do.
          So many people can have friends, if you don't this is how you make friends, be yourself. If that does not work and everyone doesn't pay any attention go up to someone and start by saying," Hi."
          By saying," Hi" On my first day of a new school i made so made so many friends. I started by saying hi to one person, then she introduced me to another person and another soon i had so many friends I could not ever count!
          There are always people who make fun of you are call you names, that will happen at every school you go to. That happens to me every day! Don't let it hurt your feeling our make you sad! Just say stuff like
" Thanks!" " yeah I know It's stupid day for me!" " Oh yeah it took me a long time to pick this out!"
                                                                     Next chapter
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  1. That was very helpful to a lot of veiwers! You are the best ever! I hope you keep this up because your post are so inspirational!

  2. excellent! you are a very wise soul. thank you for sharing your wisdom. be happy always. love U!

  3. Thank you very much ForeverWebkinzs! I really love all your positive words!

  4. Thanks so much B.q.! I love your wonderful kind soul too!!!!!!!! I like the pic! Love you bye! p.s. you are the best grandma in the world!

  5. Excellent words of wisdom cutie pie! It sounds like your book is going to be GREAT! I love you so much :) I can't wait to read it when you are finished!


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