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Hello! Welcome to @home on this blog you learn a little bit about me, a perky young woman (more in profile), and my life. How to love, live, and laugh and enjoy being @home! Hope you like it! If you have any questions e-mail me at julesf01@ymail.com or leave a comment. Make sure to check out my polyvore page @ http://littlemissjules.polyvore.com/
Thanks for coming to @home!
-Jules :)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

New blog

      Hello, and welcome to @home. I'm super excited today because I'm here to tell yuo about my new blog. I am making it with a friend. It's a Harry Potter blog, because we are both real fans of Hp things! It's not just about hp though. It's about stuff like sleepovers, updates, recipes, and more. I hope you check it out.
        The web address is http://Ourfizzingwhizbees.blogspot.com. Thanks for checking in. See you soon

Love, Jules

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Perfect Breakfast

              Hello and welcome to @home. Today I am serving you a recipe for a perfect morning breakfast. There is a bagel, cream cheese, and frozen yogurt. Yes you "read" me right, frozen yogurt!
             The bagel is perfect for a re-energizing snack. Like, every morning I go for a 3.5 miles bike ride with my mom and brother and sometimes her friends. The bagel helps me gain my energy back real fast. These are from Noah's Bagels, yum yum, I give them 5 stars!
              Noah's bagels are great plain, but with the help of creamy cream cheese, Noah's bagels are melt in your mouth goodness. There are so many spreads to choose from, garlic and herb, blueberry, cinnamon, and many more. The plain though, is for people with less perky taste buds like me, and goes better in the sweet treat bagels like Chocolate Chip or Blueberry.
          If you're wondering why I said frozen yogurt, it's because it's heathy! If you get frozen yogurt from Jamba Juice, it has Greek frozen yogurt! Greek Yogurt is very heathy for you, the ones from Jamba Juice has fresh fruit mixed into it. So good. So there's a wonderful breakfast! Thanks! Check for pictures soon.

Jamba Juice locations- Link (Just click on word that says Link)

Noah's Bagel's locations- Link

Monday, June 25, 2012

No Graffiti

        Hello and welcome to @home. I designed a quote on Photoshop. I made this not to enforce the horrible habits of graffiti but to fight against Graffiti.
            People think it's okay to go and destroy other peoples property, and it makes me  feel upset that people go and do these crimes. All they're doing, is hurting themselves, their reputation, their living conditions, their neighborhood, and breaking the heart of the people they are doing it to.
           Not only that they are just wasting time of the sweet people that donate their time to paint over what has been done. So please do me a favor,  when you get spray-paint use it for something creative, such as making a painting, don't hurt society by doing something wrong.
-Jules F

Friday, June 22, 2012


         Hello and welcome to @home. Get ready to put your game/business face on, because I am talking about something serious. S.A.C, Stop Animal Cruelty, is an organization I am starting on my blog.
           I've seen some bad cases on television, Discovery Channel (Animal Police), of harsh open cuts, tumors, no water or food, harsh living conditions, etc. This makes me so sad, and angry. Pets, any type, are mans best friend. Animals have feelings just like us, so treat them the way you want to be treated, don't disrespect them.
          So please, do me a favor and join/follow my blog. By following my blog you will be joining my S.A.C organization, and agreeing to be respectful and care for your pets. If you can't follow my blog, do me a favor and give your pet water, food, love and care every day. Make sure he or she is in a good living space and has little bits of freedom (running around the yard, not being tied to a tree). Care for your pet by bathing, brushing, and keeping it clean. Thank you and please join.

This is Crunch, a German Shepard. My aunts Dog.

This is my dog, Pixie. A CaCaPoo (Cocker Spaniel Dog and poodle mix)

This is our dog, a German Shepard. Sirius (we like German Shepard and Harry potter... Heinz the name Sirius Black The dog AKA Pad foot)

This is Baby Sirius and Crunch playing. We have one more dog, who is a German Shepard, Very camera Shy.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebration Time!

             Hello, and welcome to @home. Guess what time it is.... IT'S CELEBRATION TIME! It's summer! Today is the first day of summer for me and my little brother. I am now a sixth grader and my brother is second grade. I am going to try and start posting everyday now that have no homework and more free time. I think I will do a post a day about what I am or have done that day. Thanks for reading and check again soon.

Me at the Beach! Summer time!