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Friday, June 22, 2012


         Hello and welcome to @home. Get ready to put your game/business face on, because I am talking about something serious. S.A.C, Stop Animal Cruelty, is an organization I am starting on my blog.
           I've seen some bad cases on television, Discovery Channel (Animal Police), of harsh open cuts, tumors, no water or food, harsh living conditions, etc. This makes me so sad, and angry. Pets, any type, are mans best friend. Animals have feelings just like us, so treat them the way you want to be treated, don't disrespect them.
          So please, do me a favor and join/follow my blog. By following my blog you will be joining my S.A.C organization, and agreeing to be respectful and care for your pets. If you can't follow my blog, do me a favor and give your pet water, food, love and care every day. Make sure he or she is in a good living space and has little bits of freedom (running around the yard, not being tied to a tree). Care for your pet by bathing, brushing, and keeping it clean. Thank you and please join.

This is Crunch, a German Shepard. My aunts Dog.

This is my dog, Pixie. A CaCaPoo (Cocker Spaniel Dog and poodle mix)

This is our dog, a German Shepard. Sirius (we like German Shepard and Harry potter... Heinz the name Sirius Black The dog AKA Pad foot)

This is Baby Sirius and Crunch playing. We have one more dog, who is a German Shepard, Very camera Shy.


  1. S.A.C. for life! Great idea - I'll tell Mr Crunch all about it:)love you!

    1. I love you Babi! Crunch rocks!


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