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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The duck song

I told you i would be back with more videos, this is from the same YouTube poster, forestfire. Go to their page http://YouTube.com/forestfire and you can find other videos. But let me warn you..... when you listen to this, you cant stop smiling it makes you want to DANCE!  Okay, so series has 3 videos, i will post the other two soon. It is like the honey bear song but funnier and with a duck, not a bear. So here is the video. SOOO CUTE!
If made me laugh like CCCRRRRAAAZZZZYYYY!
Beware of the cuteness!!!!!! lol!
-signing off Jules AKA XOXO p.s. LEAVE MORE COMMENTS! TeeHee just kidding, but really, please leave comments.


  1. hey it's Shelb. I <3 that video 2! im not superize you liked it. :-)

  2. Hey shelb! How are u? You are Great!!!!!! Thanks for looking at my blog!

  3. how funnay girl! hey have you seen johnney by any chance lolz do u remember that story?

  4. noooooo..... I do not remember that story LOL.

  5. oh ok well it was about:
    P1( person 1): Hey i will b there in like 5 mins watch the kids.
    P2: OK
    P1: Hey where is Johnny?
    P2: o he's out riding his bicycle (except he says something else that u said 1 time when u wanted 2 put bicycle) try to figure it out bcuz i don't want to put it on here lol or ask me 2morrow

  6. o btw don't drop it bcuz we keep dropping it what cluts we r lolz o and i need elbow room lolz


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