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Friday, February 25, 2011

YouTube Video Made by My Best friend for Eternity

           Hello and welcome to @home. But before i start i want to say i am sorry, I haven't been posting for quite a while. I have been busy with 4th grade school work and book reports. Yes I am in fourth grade. Now that the weekend has finally come I have time to post, post, post like crazy! You know my best friend for eternity is behind the wonderful blog Foreverwebkinzs.blogspot.com here we have one of her videos from YouTube by the way her name on YouTube is Foreverwebkins look below to see the video posted by Foreverwebkinzs,"The Name of this video from YouTube was Skelanimal maddness 3"


  1. lol why did you have to show that one? It sucks! Lol JK! Thanks soooo much I need to mention you more often!

  2. Thanks ForeverWebkinzs! I should post all of your wonderful YouTube videos! Thank you
    -Jules P.S post as many YouTube videos that you want and if you want ask me if you want me to post them and i will. Okay bye.


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