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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab!

           Hello, welcome to @home. It's Jules saying OMG. Yesterday I met Tony Hawk and Kevin Staab! I got to have a convo with them both! I also got to see them skate! Cool right?
           Tony Hawk signed my skateboard and helmet, and so did Kevin. (you can see in picture below) I got to take pictures with them and shake hands and stuff. This took place at the Santa Clarita skate park. They are kicking off their Birdhouse Tour.
          I had a one on one convo with Kevin, i call him duct-tape now. That's my nick name for him, because his shoes had duct-tape on them as his well as elbow and knee pads. His hair was also PURPLE! Awesome right??? Tony Hawk had some awesome striped socks on, gray and black. Thanks Tony and Kevin! I had a great time.
-Love Jules, a real skateboarding fan and skateboarder.

Pictures taken by: Cherish AKA my mom from http://wonderdept.blogspot.com

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  1. What a great Camp Cherish field trip! Watching the Hawk Team FLY!


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