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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Me, Myself and Minecraft

              Hello. Welcome to @home. I want to introduce you to an online video game called Minecraft. Minecraft, explained in the video below, is very popular.  Minecraft is 10-40 dollars, it depends on where you buy it from. I bought it from MINECRAFT. I love Minecraft because you can connect with friends and play with them. You can also play by yourself. There is creative mode, survival, and hard core.  You can make your person a different skin as many times as you want! These are things I will be explaining in the next few paragraphs.

This is a Minecraft video.

             Minecraft has two options. Option one, single player. Or option 2 multiplayer. Single player you are by yourself.  In single player you can pick creative, the easiest with monsters that don't attack. Survival is hard with monsters. Hard core is the hardest with monsters. Multiplayer you can connect with other people that have Minecraft. There are many servers (multiplayer groups) that you can choose from to go on. Are there creative servers? I haven't come across one yet. Those are the Creative and Survival modes. 
 This is the difference between survival and creative.
           There is also a way to change your character from the basic skin you get when you download Minecraft. There are so many skins you can choose from, for girls and boys. I am going to show you a video made by my friend in real life and on minecraft. Her name is Maranda and her YouTube name is AngelsFallenFromAbov. Here is her video.
This explains how to get a Minecraft skin.
         Although there are many other websites you can choose from to get Minecraft skins. Here is a Link.

Minecraft  <----- click the link!!

    For more check out Maranda and I's blog, http://punchingtreestogether.blogspot.com   Thanks for coming to @home! Check again soon!

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